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We're lost

"Chin up soldier, the war is almost over." I'm a little sixteen year old teenage dirtbag. Lesbian yo. Taken by a queen.Kik & snap chat :Shelbikenz. I love you guys.

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Being friends with me consists of me sending you bad jokes at 2:47 in the morning

listen up you motherfucker

[season 1 bloopers]

it-gets-under-your-skin Asked:
You are literally so perfect

My answer:

You must be talking about yourself





I’m so lame

but ur hawt

you’re fucking gorgeous pls stop or  at least share damn


Anonymous Asked:
Me and my gf were like making out and she was on top of me and the best thing is it wasn't sexual at all. She was kissing me and she pulled away and looked at me and smiled then she bent down and kissed my nose so I kissed her nose back and gave her an Eskimo kiss and OMG I could not stop smiling.

My answer:


Anonymous Asked:
Oh my god. Seriously, thank you so much for that drawing. I don't even have words for how much I love that. And the fact that it's so meaningful to me and means so much is amazing. Definitely getting that tattooed. Thank you. I don't even have words. ❤️

My answer:

I feel so honored. I love you so so so so much.


Anonymous Asked:
You are so freaking beautiful. You are heart stopping-ly gorgeous. They only thing more perfect than you is your voice. You have the voice of an angel. Don't feel bad about your amazing self. I'm here for you.

My answer:

I’m here for you as well. You’re amazing in every which way. Don’t ever let anyone else tell you different.

This is for the anon that wanted me to write out my quote. I’m not the best at drawing (:

Anonymous Asked:
Don't forget about the tattoo writing/drawing 🙈😁 I know you've been super busy so it's okay! I just thought I would remind you 😊

My answer:

Posting it now babe (:

Anonymous Asked:
You answer everything right? If I went to you with something.. You'd answer not ignore me?

My answer:

Yes I’d answer